Brownfields and Site Redevelopment Support

SME provides comprehensive services to lead and manage publicly and privately funded Brownfields assessment, cleanup, Revolving Loan Fund (RLF), and site redevelopment projects. SME’s multidisciplinary team of qualified Brownfields professionals has more than 100 years of direct experience in all aspects of Brownfields projects. Our staff includes environmental, civil, and geotechnical engineers; geologists and hydrogeologists; building science professionals; database managers; and CAD/GIS technicians.

SME personnel have provided Brownfields Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP) services since the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) implemented the first pilot Brownfields program in the late-1990s. SME’s expertise is demonstrated in hundreds of successful Brownfields redevelopment projects throughout multiple states.

SME assists diverse Brownfields funding Grantees, from small municipalities that have just received their first Brownfields Assessment Grant, to regional planning commissions with multiple Brownfields Assessment and/or RLF grants and not-for-profit entities that are embarking on Brownfields redevelopment of sites ranging from small gas stations to large industrial mills.

A key to SME’s success is our high level of engagement in the communities we serve. At the project outset, SME facilitates comprehensive kickoff meetings with the Grantee, community stakeholders, U.S. EPA Project Officers, and state-level project management staff to gain a detailed and comprehensive understanding of the Grantee’s goals and priorities. For the duration of the project, we promote frequent, clear, and effective communications across the project team to ensure that the program is on schedule and on budget, that the goals of the Grantee are being met, and that the completed project results in a successful Brownfields redevelopment. Our goal is to be a resource for the client’s program and to assist with site identification and interpreting programmatic strategies. We engage as an active member of the client’s Brownfields team, and this approach has led to SME having one of the premier Brownfields consulting teams in the country.