• Paper-making waste, contained:

    A landfill closed and stabilized

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  • Pineland, reimagined and transformed:

    a modern farm, business hub, and recreational destination

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  • Metal – and space – recovered

    An engineered processing plan for landfill ash

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  • Solar power, light footprint

    An array engineered to tread gently on the ground below

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Sevee & Maher (sē · vē · ənd · məˈhär )

Sevee & Maher Engineers, Inc. (SME) is an accomplished team of experienced and driven professionals. We’re known for combining strong technical expertise in hydrogeology and environmental, civil, wastewater, geotechnical, and chemical engineering with innovative technologies. We’re also known for our friendly company culture and down-to-earth service. Time-honored, proven engineering concepts, applied creatively to your project by people honored to work on it with you: that’s what you can expect from Sevee & Maher.

They know their stuff, they work well with clients and with regulators, and I think they deliver their services at a reasonable cost. There’s tremendous value in that.

— Attorney, Portland, Maine