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County Wastewater Connection (Tie-On)

Industrial Client

2014 - present

SME’s client occupies and operates a large plant and its wastewater treatment systems. In recent decades, the plant has seen a significant decrease in population and wastewater flows, and an increased need to rehabilitate aging, outdated, and oversized wastewater treatment infrastructure. The client and their partner have decided to regionalize the plant’s sanitary wastewater treatment… Read more »

Remediation of Former Electronics Manufacturing Site

Great American Financial Resources Inc., Sanford, Maine

1995 to present

The site is a former semiconductor production facility that operated from 1965 to 2005. Manufacturing processes involved the use of chlorinated solvents, including trichloroethene (TCE) which was later found in site soil and groundwater. SME has provided extensive site investigation, remediation, and monitoring support services at the site which has been successfully redeveloped as a… Read more »

Air Emissions Permitting

Woodland Pulp, LLC

2018 (six months)

Woodland Pulp LLC owns and operates a semi-integrated, kraft pulp mill in eastern Maine. In 2018, Woodland sought to permit the construction and operation of two new tissue machines and re-permit two existing tissue machines to relax self-imposed licensing restrictions. As a major source of air pollutants, this permitting action resulted in a major modification… Read more »

Restoring Flow in Dam Relief Wells with the Patented Packer-Purge System™

National dam owner

2014 to present

SME’s innovative Packer-Purge System™ technology (U.S. Patent No. 11,021,937) provides  a cost-effective alternative in the redevelopment and maintenance of relief wells.  The system reduces pore-water pressures under dam structures and powerhouses to support compliance with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC’s) allowable limits, known as Design Basis Value (DBV), for dam safety and stability. Challenges… Read more »

Ground-Mounted Solar Photovoltaic Array Installations

Multiple clients, Maine

2009 to present

Challenges Since 2009, SME has provided engineering and support services for ground-mounted solar photovoltaic installation projects throughout Maine. These arrays, with power generating capacities ranging from 63kW to 26MW, have been installed on private and public properties, such as municipal landfills, business parks, farmland, and previously undeveloped land. To date, SME has provided professional consulting… Read more »

Headquarters Campus Redevelopment

Bangor Savings Bank, Bangor, Maine

(2016 - 2019)

SME worked closely with Bangor Savings Bank in the redevelopment of their 4.6-acre corporate headquarters campus in Bangor’s Waterfront District. SME provided Phase I environmental site assessment, geotechnical investigation, geothermal well investigation, civil/site design, permitting, utility coordination, and construction oversight for this project which incorporated green infrastructure for long-term sustainability. Challenges The project included renovation… Read more »

Pineland Farms Redevelopment

Libra Foundation, New Gloucester, Maine

(2000 - present)

The 2,000-acre Pineland Farms property was developed by the State of Maine in 1908 as the Maine School for the Feeble Minded. During the 1950s, the facility housed 1,500 residents and included a power plant, a wastewater treatment plant, 27 buildings, forests, and a self-sufficient farm. October Corporation (a subsidiary of Libra Foundation) purchased the… Read more »

Ash Excavation and Processing to Recover Metals

ecomaine Ash Landfill, South Portland, Maine


SME assisted ecomaine and its subcontractor RMP-EM LLC in preparing site excavation and development plans to systematically remove, process, and replace incinerator ash in the ecomaine ash landfill. In developing this project, SME considered several existing site conditions and site sensitivities. The mined area had been filled and a plastic cover placed on the ash… Read more »

Wishcamper Solar Array

Westbrook Heights Business Park, Westbrook, Maine


The Wishcamper Companies retained SME and ReVision Energy to design, permit, and install a solar array on a portion of the Westbrook Heights Business Park in Westbrook, Maine. The project included the installation of 598 solar panel modules, associated utility trench construction, a gravel access drive into the site, 7-foot-high chainlink fence around the panels,… Read more »

Landfill Operating/ Engineering Bark Pile Closure

Woodland Pulp LLC, Baileyville, Maine

(1990 – present)

SME has worked closely with Woodland Pulp LLC and its predecessors (Domtar and Georgia Pacific Co.) to manage the No. 3 Landfill. In 2000, SME was retained to develop and implement closure of a 26-acre bark/sludge/ash waste disposal unit at the facility. SME continues to provide ongoing landfill permitting, engineering, and operation assistance at this… Read more »