Thomas B. Neilson

About Thomas B. Neilson

Tom joined SME in 2022. He is an accomplished Licensed Geologist with over seven years of experience in consulting and ten years performing geologic and hydrogeologic assessments for commercial development, bottled water clients, and industrial water users.

Tom has a strong background in hydrogeology, geology, and related geologic sciences. His diverse expertise includes exploration, testing, and development for large-scale water supply development projects, investigation and delineation of large, chlorinated contaminant plumes, on-shore and off-shore aquaculture siting and permitting, and managing solar development projects and associated permitting.

He has undergraduate and graduate degrees in geology from Colorado College and The University of Vermont.

Tom has many interests. He is right at home on the water as a boater, sailor, and whitewater kayaker, and he served aboard a 137-foot sail training and oceanographic research vessel. On shore, he’s a passionate furniture maker, skier, and cyclist.