Site Investigation and Remediation

Site Investigation & Remediation

We provide comprehensive services for sites throughout the U.S. that have been contaminated with solvents, PCBs, heavy metals, petroleum compounds, and other contaminants, working under a range of environmental regulations including RCRA, CERCLA, and related state laws.

Contaminated Site Investigations

We design and implement comprehensive, multi-media site investigations and then use a powerful data management system to efficiently evaluate and present the environmental data. Often, these presentations will include two- or three-dimensional models showing groundwater flow and solute transport.

Contaminated Site Remedial Design

We strive to offer the most practical, effective solutions for contaminated sites and navigate logical remedies through regulatory agency approval. When site conditions allow, we offer low-cost mechanical remediation programs, saving some clients millions of dollars compared with more complex alternatives. When challenging site conditions arise, we can offer chemical and enhanced biological remediation strategies. Often, the solution is a blend of treatment options, as in extraction (wells, trenches) and treatment (carbon adsorption, air stripping) systems to remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from groundwater.

Remediation Coordination and Oversight

As your remediation project gets underway, we can remain involved to oversee the proper completion of the project and/or complete construction-phase engineering tasks.

Performance Testing and Reporting

Once corrective measures or site remediation is implemented, SME can provide confirmation testing, system performance testing, system optimization design, system operation and maintenance, and regulatory reporting services.

Brownfields and Site Redevelopment Support

SME provides comprehensive services to lead and manage publicly and privately funded Brownfields Assessment, Cleanup, Revolving Loan Fund (RLF), and site redevelopment projects. Click here for more information about SME’s Brownfields support services.