Water Resources

Water Resoures

Our hydrogeologists and engineers keep the water flowing in public and private water and sewer systems, aquifers, production wells, and more.

Groundwater Systems

Clean, available water is one of the most pressing infrastructure needs today, with demand for large-scale potable water supplies growing as urban development and pollution impact groundwater resources. Meanwhile, tighter restrictions on surface water use are forcing the agricultural industry to use groundwater for irrigation.

We’ve seen this situation develop over the past 30 years, as we’ve been designing, permitting, and developing high-yield new and replacement community and industrial water supplies for our clients throughout the U.S. In the late 1980s, we began working with the largest water utility east of the Mississippi. This relationship continues today in New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut, where we provide various water supply and water resource-related engineering services.

Wastewater Systems

We also design and engineer wastewater collection and treatment systems of various sizes and complexities for private and public clients. Our designs always strive to balance cost-effectiveness, ease of operations, and maintenance concerns.

SME is involved in every stage of wastewater projects, from studies and evaluations to treatment engineering, permitting, construction, and ongoing consulting.