Wishcamper Solar Array

Wishcamper Solar Array

Westbrook Heights Business Park, Westbrook, Maine


The Wishcamper Companies retained SME and ReVision Energy to design, permit, and install a solar array on a portion of the Westbrook Heights Business Park in Westbrook, Maine. The project included the installation of 598 solar panel modules, associated utility trench construction, a gravel access drive into the site, 7-foot-high chainlink fence around the panels, and screening plantings between the panels and an adjacent street.


It was decided that construction of the project should minimize ground disturbance to the greatest extent possible, which would limit the impervious area of runoff for stormwater permitting.

Project Outcome and Value Added

SME and ReVision Energy, who constructed the project, selected an innovative earth screw mounting system which eliminated the need to clear and grub large areas of the site. As a result, earth disturbing activities were limited to 0.05 acres, including the installation of the earth screws, construction of the gravel access road, and excavation of the utility trench. The solar panels were installed using small, compact, rubber-tracked machines so as to not disturb the vegetation under and around the solar array.

After final stabilization of the site, there were only 0.02 acres of impervious area, consisting of only the solar array foundations and gravel access drive. Ground disturbance between the rows of solar panels was minimized, and sheet flow from the solar panels onto and across vegetated areas was maintained. SME also prepared an erosion and sediment control plan.