Environmental Compliance and Management

Our dedicated, interdisciplinary team of environmental engineers and scientists provides planning, investigation, permitting, design and management services to a wide range of clients throughout the country, taking a client-first approach to every situation, focusing not just on what we can offer, but on what you really need. Nothing more, nothing less.

Environmental Planning

By identifying a project’s potential environmental factors during the planning phase, we can prevent future barriers to success. Many situations require environmental permitting; but in others, proper planning alone can mitigate or eliminate environmental impacts. While many firms offer standard planning documents, our custom plans incorporate your existing systems, procedures and processes, ultimately saving time, complexity, and your money. If you are unsure about how well your facility is complying with existing regulations, SME can conduct a comprehensive environmental compliance audit to identify all applicable regulations and associated reporting and documentation requirements.

Environmental Permitting

We’ve helped clients negotiate and obtain dozens of federal, state, and local permits throughout the U.S. for a broad range of environmental issues. These include permits for stormwater and wastewater discharge, solid and hazardous waste management and disposal, hazardous materials use, toxics release, and air pollutant emissions. We have honed a straightforward, understandable style to presenting technical information to regulators and the public to enhance understanding of project issues using digital presentations, graphics, and physical models.

Post-permit Support

Once your permit is secured, our team stands ready to develop the procedures necessary to comply with ensuing responsibilities, from air emissions inventory reporting and toxics use reports to custom on-site regulatory training.

Environmental Management Systems (EMS) Support

EMSs are important tools for maintaining environmental compliance in everyday operations. Our flexible EMS support services range from occasional technical support to serving as the corporate environmental manager for multi-facility manufacturing firms.