Product Stewardship

Achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance of a product can be complex, confusing, and daunting tasks for a company of any size. SME’s in-house professional staff of scientists, engineers, and project managers relieve that burden by bringing advanced expertise in federal and state regulations.

SME provides a full range of regulatory compliance services for manufacturers, processors, packagers, sellers, and brand owners in the food, beverage, and consumer products industries.

Solutions-Based Approach

SME’s product stewardship solutions encompass regulatory compliance throughout the product life cycle. We help clients implement and maintain chemical and food contact safety, quality systems, processes, and protocols to ensure full compliance while minimizing economic and environmental impacts. SME constantly monitors regulatory updates to ensure a seamless transition in complying with ever-changing regulations.  

Science and Common Sense

We provide informed guidance to solve scientific challenges and navigate a complex landscape of stringent regulations. Our focus is on helping clients meet essential safety and regulatory requirements economically and responsibly.

SME provides on-call support for routine product safety, regulatory compliance, and management activities. We can deliver additional value by responding to inquiries or requests made by your customers and regulatory agencies.

SME as a Partner

SME’s highly qualified staff are a knowledgeable, collaborative team you can rely on, talk to, and be comfortable with. As a trusted project partner, SME will expertly guide you through even the toughest challenges.