Industrial Hygiene and Indoor Air Quality

two engineers looking over a handheld device in a warehouse environment

We provide an extensive range of consulting services to support healthy and safe environments in workplaces, schools, healthcare facilities, residences, and public spaces.

Site Inspection and Testing

Indoor environmental factors and stressors can lead to sickness, impaired health and wellness, injury, and discomfort. Identifying and addressing environmental hazards is best achieved with the assistance of an environmental health and safety professional who is trained to anticipate, recognize, evaluate, and control issues before harm is done.

We conduct advanced site inspections and tests to assess an environment for the presence and source of harmful contaminants and other hazards.

We employ an understanding of building science and technology, construction, architecture, and environmental remediation to identify environmental issues, and are knowledgeable about local, state, and federal regulations that govern safety standards. This background is essential to performing accurate site-specific assessments and delivering cost-effective solutions.

Corrective Action Plans

Our Industrial Hygienists will assess an environment and, when appropriate, guide you to the best course of corrective action. We develop abatement or remediation plans to address issues, and environmental management plans for ongoing indoor air quality, industrial hygiene, and infection prevention efforts.

We also oversee projects and prepare reports for regulatory compliance.

Risk Management

We provide critical information and assistance to quantify potential environmental liabilities that may be associated with property transitions. This is especially useful to engineers, builders, landlords, financial institutions, municipalities, property owners, and real estate developers.

Expert Witness

We provide expert witness services for environmental and safety issues.

Our Approach

Our certified and licensed staff are an approachable, collaborative team you can rely on, talk to, and be comfortable with. As your trusted project partner, we will provide the information you need and expertly guide you through even the toughest challenges.