Solid Waste Engineering

Solid Waste Engineering

SME has provided landfill design services to over 100 public and private clients throughout the eastern U.S. Our engineers, scientists, and technicians are experienced in landfill design and development, horizontal and vertical expansions, and the closure and remediation of existing facilities.

Our in-house expertise in hydrogeology, geotechnical engineering, and civil engineering; in-depth knowledge of the geosynthetic industry and products; and understanding of the regulatory permitting process, bring a multidisciplinary approach to landfill projects that consistently yields designs that are economical to construct and operate.

SME provides solutions for complex landfill issues including: mitigation of impacts from prior leachate and landfill gas excursions; design and evaluation of multi-layer liner and cover systems; control, treatment, and utilization of landfill gas; minimization of leachate; and reclamation of resources from closed and operating waste cells.

We work with a variety of waste streams that range from low-strength industrial waste and sludges to municipal solid waste (MSW) and construction and demolition debris (CDD). We take pride in our ability to optimize the usable space within a permitted solid waste boundary.

Our Approach

SME’s philosophy follows two simple principles:

  1. Develop close working relationships — essentially partnerships — with our clients; and
  2. Pursue practical, common sense engineering solutions.

We team with the client’s in-house engineers and operating staff to design landfill details and operating procedures that meet a project’s specific requirements, are simple to construct, and are easy to operate. Frequent, clear communication and close collaboration create a successful working partnership where project objectives are achieved and the project proceeds smoothly.

The success of this approach is demonstrated by our long-term client relationships, many of which span more than 30 years.

SME also has a strong track record in working effectively with environmental regulators and solid waste staff in many states. This experience provides us with credibility that is key to successfully advocating for our clients.

Our experienced field engineers conduct rigorous review of landfill designs to assure the details are clear and constructable. Because of our rapport with landfill construction contractors, we gain the contractor’s on-site, hands-on experience, and their recommendations on design and construction details. The results are readily constructable landfills that meet state regulatory requirements and local solid waste rules.

Metrics Solutions

Access to accurate site conditions information is critical for today’s landfill operator. SME offers cost-effective Low-Altitude Aerial Imaging for topographic surveys, volumetric evaluations, aerial photography, thermography, and visual impact studies to document and monitor a variety of landfill metrics.