Geotechnical Engineering and Testing

Geotechnical Engineering & Testing

Combining our comprehensive expertise with resources in the lab and out in the field, we conduct a variety of geotechnical engineering projects.

Whether your geotechnical project is a landfill closure, a highway embankment, or mitigation of a coastal landslide, our team can handle the end-to-end process from inspection and testing of the issue to design and engineering of a solution, permitting assistance, conservation commission interactions, public meetings, construction oversight, and ongoing quality assurance, audits, and tests.

SME Geotechnical Testing Lab

For over 30 years, SME has maintained an in-house geotechnical laboratory for physical and mechanical evaluation of a wide range of material types including soil, sludge, ash, and sediment. This gives us fast access to a full range of standard tests, and also allows us to apply traditional soil testing methods to non-traditional materials for characterization of engineering properties and construction behavior.

The laboratory is crucial to the success of our internal projects, providing dependable design data and rapid turnaround times for construction activities. The lab also provides outside consulting engineering firms and government agencies with reliable, high-quality, on-time test results.