Caitlin Keady

About Caitlin Keady

Caitlin joined SME in 2024 to support SME’s Brownfields, Site Investigation & Remediation, and Water Resources teams. She is an environmental scientist/engineer with experience in field sampling, laboratory testing and analysis, complex data models and calculations, and research work in environmental engineering and water resources. She has worked on a range of projects involving groundwater monitoring, sediment transport, river restoration techniques, and erosion control methods. Caitlin has expertise in analyzing data and writing technical reports. She has worked with numerous types of water data including velocities, grain size distributions, rainfall frequencies, and bedload transport to answer complex questions about water resources.

Caitlin has a master’s degree in environmental engineering from the University of Idaho, where her studies focused on fluvial geomorphology and bedload transport. She also has a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and environmental studies from Bates College.

When not at work, Caitlin spends her time exploring local trails with her dog, going on bike rides, and running.