Huqiu Zhang

About Huqiu Zhang

Huqiu (“Hoo-choo”), an SME principal and senior chemist, leads the firm’s Product Stewardship group assisting clients in regulatory compliance and sustainability matters of food packaging and food contact products. She is based in SME’s Park Ridge, IL, office in the greater Chicago area and was instrumental in establishing SME’s regional presence in the Midwest.

Huqiu joined SME in 2020, bringing over 25 years of international experience in regulatory compliance for consumer product chemical safety, food contact, and food packaging. She is recognized internationally for advanced expertise in regulations and approvals, process improvement, and scientific and regulatory affairs, including sustainability and Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). Huqiu’s experience and knowledge, combined with her diligence and exceptional problem solving skills, consistently contribute to clients’ business growth and risk management.

Huqiu obtained her Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, where she acquired an in-depth knowledge of chemistry and American football.

She enjoys hiking, gardening, reading, and cooking with a fusion of eastern and western cuisines.

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