Kaitlyn Tuttle

About Kaitlyn Tuttle

Kaitlyn joined SME in 2022. She is a solutions-oriented Industrial Hygienist experienced in providing health and safety-related site inspections, investigations, and reporting in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. She is knowledgeable in state and federal regulatory requirements, particularly as related to indoor air quality assessments, chemical monitoring, AHERA asbestos surveys, monitoring, abatement, mold inspections and assessments, personal exposure monitoring, lead testing, noise surveys, and other assessments.

Kaitlyn’s professional background includes a number of years in direct client relations, and she is skilled at communicating clearly on complex matters such as regulatory requirements or data interpretation which adds value to the client-consultant relationship.

Kaitlyn enjoys outdoors adventures with her family and keeps especially busy with a toddler son. Among her favorite activities are camping, learning to grow a garden, concerts, and summer days on Peaks Island.